Elite Recliner Chair

Regal Furniture worked with leading NZ furniture designer, Helen Jones to develop an elite recliner chair - The Prime Recliner.

Aged Care Furniture

The brief was to develop a recliner chair for the Aged Care sector, particularly suited for dementia patients, surgical centres and dialysis situations. Central to the requirements were superior ergonomics and musculoskeletal benefits, improved aesthetics, quality finishes and hardware, and guaranteed robustness and longevity.

The design process drew on the following key research findings to ensure exceptional postural support and pressure relief:


Maintain an Upright position

Maintaining upright position and supporting curves in the back maximises respiratory function, oxygenation, and assists integration of vestibular input [coordination of head, eye and body]


Postural Support

Failure to provide adequate postural support creates discomfort which results in increased patient agitation - especially in dementia patients


Shoulder Support

Good lateral thoracic [shoulder] support improves balance and feeling of security

Sloping Seat

Seat sloping slightly backwards provides maximum thigh support and prevents bottom slipping forwards which results in poor spinal alignment and weight distribution


Cervical Support

Entire length of the back and cervical curve must be supported. Inadequate support results in slumping and sinking, and a convex spine


Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting creates pressure on the buttocks, sacrum, greater trochanter [protrusion at top of femur]

Never too wide

Armrests that are too wide and soft encourage slumping to the side. A too wide seat inhibits use of armrests and also encourages poor spinal alignment


Pressure relief

Some form of pressure relief should be incorporated into the seat, especially for relatively immobile patients


Tilt in space

‘Tilt in space’ function allows redistribution of pressure and improved sitting posture and tolerance

The Prime Recliner has been developed and industry tested. It is now offered as a leading recliner chair for the Aged and Healthcare sectors.

Prime Recliner Specifications

  • Superior aesthetics.

  • Solid timber construction.

  • Tilt in space mechanism providing redistribution of pressure and improved sitting posture.

  • 3 stage system allows for sitting and footrest positions, or full resting recline.

  • Superior postural support over full length of spine and neck, combined with excellent lateral support for better balance and security.

  • Castellated seat foam reduces surface contact area to diminish pressure issues related to long term sitting.
  • Slight backwards seat slope provides maximum thigh support and prevents slipping.

  • Modest seat and arm widths prevent slumping and encourage better spinal alignment and weight distribution.

  • Arm extends full length of chair to provide support and security in all positions.

  • Back push bar provides easy manoeuvrability and is designed for maximum chair weight load.

  • Non-marking medical grade castors suitable for carpet or hard flooring. Rear locking for safety and stability.

The Symphony Recliner

The Symphony Recliner has been developed from an existing chair within Regal’s range to provide a recliner chair for the Aged Care sector that is suited for use as a lounge / care room chair for infirm or aged patients. It is also suitable for residential in-home care.

The Symphony delivers comfort and style within a small footprint allowing it to fit into more confined spaces, whilst still retaining features such as a generous padded footrest that protects from skin tears and bruising.

Incorporating a two-stage push action recline mechanism for comfort and superior support, The Symphony offers updated aesthetics and industry tested performance.