Prime Recliner

One of our flagship recliners, the Prime Recliner provides postural support and pressure relief, with a back designed to lateral and vertical support. The contour cut lumber and cervical modules that form back contour have been combined with a 'comfort' layer over the top. The Prime Recliner has medical wheels with a back lock for use on hard floor or carpets and is made of solid timber construction.

Prime Recliner Specifications

  • Solid timber construction.
  • Postural support and pressure relief.
  • Castellated seat foam comfort layer over base foam reducing surface area contact to mitigate long term pressure issues.
  • Back designed to provide lateral /vertical support and security with contour cut lumber and cervical modules forming back contour combined with ‘comfort’ layer over.
  • Back push bar for easy manoeuvrability designed for maximum chair weight load.
  • Medical wheels. Back lock designed for hard floor or carpet movement.
  • Three stage push mechanism allowing foot rest position or full resting recline.

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